4-T Ranch

    God has blessed us with a daughter who loves to barrel race.  Due to that love, we have been blessed to have bought and are currently raising some of the best horses. We have had fun raising three colts  so far, from the same mare, Rare Society, a granddaughter of Dash for Cash. We are expecting her fourth this spring in April.  We bought her with the hopes of  her becoming our daughter's highschool barrel horse. She ran her successfully for one summer during her eighth grade year.  We decided to breed her the following year because our daughter  started riding an amazing gelding named Devine Dash and never looked at our mare again for her  barrel horse.  They have been very successful running barrels together as a team for the last seven years.
    We bred our mare first  to Cartel Charlie, a son of Corona Cartel. She had a beautiful black colt  we call Cartels Tuff Society. He is just starting to run barrels this year. He is patterened and will compete this coming year with our daughter.
     Then  we bred to Frenchman's Guy for the last three. Our last  two colts are level headed, calm,  love to play and run fast, and are extreamly quick learners. Both of them have a sweet, pleasing personality. Our two year old, Frenchman Fiesta went to Dean Briggs in White Hall, Montana for two months of training. Dean told us he was one of the best barrel prospects he has been on in a long time. He was a quick learner and ready to please. Our next colt, Frenchmans Domingo will go  this summer for the same training. Fiesta will go to a big cattle ranch and do cowboy /ranch work for this coming summer. Next year he will start his barrel training.  Our new baby will be born soon.
     All of these colts are for sale for the right price. Please contact us if interested.

This is our daughter Sammy Jo Telford on her newest project, Tuff.

Frenchmans Domingo was born on Easter morning. April 14, 2009

Doningo at four months.
Cartel's Tuff Society. He is three here.